Safety at the cost of Little Investment

Posted 1/9/2020

Recently in the news we all saw how fire broke out & cause life of more than 50 workers in a Delhi based factory manufacturing Plastic toys. The reason given by Fire Department is non installation of Safety equipment in premises. The factory owner was later arrested & fined which however can’t get back precious human life, got taken away by fire. Such instances are becoming common in our Industries & society due lack of Knowledge, technology, tolls & techniques & off Couse our carelessness.


In another incidence a worker of a reputed firm was seriously injured due to leakage of current while working on high Voltage Control Panel, where he was repairing some Bus Bar switches & suddenly current flows through his body causing him serious injury. Later it was found “Electrical Safety Mats” were not installed by the Organization nor he was waeing Rubber Gloves which in fact a mandatory PPE as per the Government Rules & Regulations for all Industries. Such mats cost a little compared to Expensive Industrial Machineries, equipment & off course precious Human life. Moreover, service life of Electrical Mats As per latest BIS/IS 15652-2006 Safety Standard is very long & they don’t even require frequent replacement.


There are basic Safety accessories which Should be there at our workplace such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reel, Sprinkles, Smoke Detectors in general & Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves, Earplugs, Goggles, Helmet, Face Masks, Electrical Insulating mats, Safety harnesses for Electricity control rooms. Periodic checking is also important to ensure our Working place is Safe.

Another essential part of any electrical safety program is training, by knowing safety regulations & procedure, finding and dealing electrical hazards, maintaining an electrical safety program, using correct working tools, techniques and protective equipment, installation of latest machineries with regular maintenance, the industry can be a Safety place to work.

Safety Awareness for Non-Electrical Workers

Posted 3/4/2018

Electricity is all around us it is an essential element of our daily lives. Nearly everything we do is connected with electricity.  On job site working with electricity can be very safe when workers effectively identify & aware the hazards. When hazards are ignored, ignored electricity strikeout & its effects can be divaricated.

Electrical shock occurs when human body becomes part of electric circuit, means when a person touches both the energized wire together & completes the circuit. Flow of electric current through body causes damage of tissue or fibrillation, Nervous disorder, Lunges, liver, heart failure.


Yerly Electrical Safety statistics:

  • 4000 non-disabling Electrical Contact Injuries
  • 3600 Disabling Electrical Contact Injuries
  • An average of One Person Every day is Electrocuted.
  • More than 2000 workers are send to burn centres
  • Electrical arc-Flash burns are 10% of burn centre victims.

Offcourse none of us want to be a statistic


Generally, three categories of electrical hazards found to cause injuries:

  • Electric shock
  • Arc Flash or flashover
  • Arc Blast


PPE (personal Protective Equipment) are thus recommended to be used ar workplace. Electrical Insulating Mats are non-conductive Sheets of Elastomer or Rubber Material which doesn’t let current to flow thought them.

A lot of range of Arc flash or arc blast protective clothing range is avaialve in market, which is made from neoprene, chloroprene, latex & other feasible material. This also includes head & face masks, Safety gloves & accessories.

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Elastomer And Its Significance

Posted 4/11/2014

Rubber is most commonly used elastomeric material. Products made by rubber are regularly used by all of us. From our house to office, rubber derivate is everywhere. It comes in a large variety of colors, styles and textures. Components made by rubber is also used in many applications which are used in different industries like automobiles, medical, aero scope and many more…but did we really know what is the exactly thing is rubber???  From where we obtain it? And how this simple rubber is converts in to useful products??? In this article we will get answer of all such questions.

What is Rubber???

If we simply define rubber in common language than rubber is an elastomeric substance that was originally derived from latex which is milky colloid produced by some plant.

Types of rubber:-

  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic rubber

Natural Rubber:- As the name indicates the natural rubber is obtain from nature i.e. trees. The latex sap is collected from the bark of the trees and then retained into a useable rubber.

Synthetic Rubber:- This type of rubber is manmade which is produced in industries from a polymer material. Vulcanization is a process through which natural rubber is converted into synthetic rubber to improve its properties.

Uses of Rubber :-

  1. Rubber Gloves : -
  • Rubber gloves are common household items that offer many uses. They are affordable in prize and used for personal care, cleaning, dyeing hair, pets, first aid and more.
  • Medical gloves are used by doctors during medical examination and procedures as they protect hands from germs.
  • Rubber gloves can also used as ice packs or heating packs. Water is placed in rubber glove. The glove is tied and frozen. When we needed, an ice pack is ready for use. A rubber glove can also be filled with hot water to serve as a heating pack.
  • Rubber gloves also used by workers in industrial area mainly when they work with electricity as rubber is an insulator so it does not conduct electric current and prevent them from electric shock.


    2.      Rubber Footwear :-

Rubber footwear is a common product in now days. Every person likes to carry these types of footwear as they are stylish and also comfortable in use. In today times rubber shoes for pets is also come in market. Four little boots are made by manufactures to protect leg of the animals. Rubber boots can easily used in any types of weather like summer, winters or rainy seasons.


    3.      Rubber Mats :-

Rubber floor mats is an essential products used in homes as well as in industries. It is a great product in a safety point of view as the person walks on these mats never sleeps. Rubber mats are come in variety of sizes, different colors and styles. Rubber mats are beneficial for employees who work regularly on hard surface. It also prevents the workers from electric shock who handles heavy electronic instruments & devices of an industry.


    4.      Rubber  Roofs :-

Generally, most of the people are not aware of rubber roofs. In many areas roofs are made up of rubber these days since it helps to save energy and provides comfort to the people lives in. Rubber roofs are either shingled or rolled and its durability is very high. Also, cost of maintenance is quite low as compared with others.


    5.    Rubber tires :- 

Tires are one of the important parts in any vehicle which is made of rubber. Different types of tires are made all over world in a year. One advantage of rubber tires is that we can recycle the old tires in useful products. Recycling of tires is a process in which the tires that are not suitable for uses in vehicle due to damage can be renew again so that we can reuse those rubbers. Since everyday huge amount of rubber wastes that may harm our environment directly or indirectly, recycling is the best way to reuse such wastes.   

                                             An  Article by-

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Work-Place Safety Practices

Posted 3/16/2014

Modernization & rapid urbanization laid steeping stones for some greatest inventions, which have dramatically changed the way we look at things, Electricity is one amongst many. It is boon & catalyst for Industrial revolution & made our life easy & comfortable. But at the same time if not handled carefully, it can be dangerous to human life & property. One should always be cautions while dealing with electrical equipment & devices.


Following are some basic practises, should be followed at work place to be safe:

  • Wear tight & comfortable clothing while at work, without loose or hanging accessories.
  • Emergency power cut-off switch, must be placed with heavy machineries.
  • Consider all circuits as LIVE until, double confirmation.
  • Make sure fuse wire of the correct size and capacity should be installed.
  • Attach Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker with the main line.
  • Relay on only professional & trained persons for repair works.
  • Always use OEM products in premises.
  • Read carefully manuals & literature provided any equipments before installation or bringing in use.
  • Use electrical cables of higher capacity than device to maintain some safety margin between working & breakdown Voltage.
  • Ensure all appliances are effectively earthed.
  • Always use prescribed & identical colour insulated wire for representing Neutral.
  • Keep Fire Fighting equipments ready & in operative condition.
  • Make sure All the Safety Equipments must be installed in work-place such as electrical Rubber Floor mats, helmets, gloves, fire proof clothing.
  • Only  Dry Powder extinguishers should be use for extinguishing fire in electric room.

These are some basic practices which if followed, can save life & Wealth. Moreover, it is always suggested to hire Professional services for safety inspection periodically to Safe!


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Electricity –Importance & Harmful Effects

Posted 2/27/2014

Electricity is an energy source which we use to power machines. In today’s time Electrical power is the backbone of modern industrial society. The rapid expansion in electrical technology transformed industry and society to a greater extend.


  Uses of Electricity:-

  • Electricity can be put to an almost limitless set of application, which includes following:-
  • Entertainment
  • Transport
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Cooking
  • Communication
  • Computation
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration etc.


 Effects of electric current in the human body:-

  1. Electric shock is always a risk when electricity is in use. Below are some harmful effects of electric current in human body:-
  2. Faint
  3. Painful shocks loss of muscles control.
  4. Extreme pain, respiratory arrest, severe muscles reaction death is possible.
  5. Cardiac arrest, severe burns, death is possible.

Some ways to prevent from electric shock :

  • 1st step in preventing a dangerous situation is understanding the cause behind this like wood & glass is bad conductor of electricity and other material like water & metal work very well. So we should try to stay away from electricity when we are in contact of water and metal.
  • Use cover sockets and outlets from preventing accidental contact with wire mainly when you are living with small children.
  • Never touch a bare wire that may be conducting a current.
  • Pay attention to the condition of your electric devices, and maintain them regularly.
  • Some steps that include a need for repair are :-
    • Sparking
    • Issuing of small sockets
    • Heat from electric outlets
    • Recurrent short – circuiting
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy in areas where you work with electrical equipment.
  • Industrial maintenance professionals are advised to use Safety Rubber floor matting  of proper rating to be prevented    from leakage current.

Importance of how to handle situation safely : -

No matter how many precautions are in place??  It is important to know what things we should do in the situation of electric shock.

  • Do not touch a victim of shock with bare hands. As they may still be conducting electricity.
  • Use a non conductive barrier like rubber gloves if at all possible.
  • Turn off power sources if possible. If not move the victim away from the source with a non conductive material
  • Like a piece of wood.
  • Keeps the victim lying horizontally with the legs slightly elevated.
  • Wait for the medical help to arrive or in case of an electrical emergency contact nearest hospital.

                    -Data & Facts submitted by

Dipika Yadav


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Safety comes first!

Posted 12/26/2013

Electricity & Electronic devices have changed our way of life to a great extent over last decade. Communication devices, Hand held devices, Industrial Machines, Domestic appliances all require Power to play. We are now shifting from traditional fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, wood to Wind, Solar, Bio-fuel & other clean  alternatives for our Power requirements. This is a good sign, thinking about our future.

Great Power comes with great responsibilities, this saying holds to be true in Electrical sector. Heavy Machineries runs on High Tension Lines, which means larger power is concentrated at a one place. Therefore, safety of workers is equally important who are suppose to handle these machines. Various Safety Products are designed for protection of workers from accidental current.


Basic tips to be on Safer side

Follow these instructions to stay safe, while shopping for electrical goods

  • Be cautious while you find an item that is much cheaper than you expected.
  • Select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling or maintaining live electric equipments.
  • Beware of cheap Chinese electronic items, There is a famous Hindi saying- “SASTA ROYE BAR-BAR MEHNGA ROYE EK BAR “ ( if you spend little money you will cry again and again, but if you buy sufficient you will have to cry only once).
  • Don't relay on Standard Marks like CE , ISI, BIS, ASTM, DIN, ISO alone as a guarantee of quality. Visual & Practical personal inspection of safety products is always a good habit.
  • Try to limit your purchase for Branded Products, there are less chances of fraudulent practices by reputed & known brands.
  • Check for  packaging of product, it should looks genuine make sure the item should  come with instructions Manual and guarantee.
  • Avoid Purchasing second-hand products, especially the one  whose guarantee or warranty has run out.
  • Google for  online reviews, bogs & articles related to particular product to find out what people says about it & its manufacturers.
  • Check out Press Releases to know about Product recalls information. 
  • To attain maximum practicality, always read Product manual before use & installation.
  • Always consult Professionals before installing or bring in use any heavy electronic equipments.


Some of PPE’s

  • Electrical Insulating Matting
  • Helmets
  • Ear Plugs
  • Heat Resistant Aluminized Goggles
  • Face Shield.
  • Rubber Hand Gloves
  • Fire and Heat Protective Clothing. 
  • Safety Shoes-
  • Respiratory Protection masks
  • Fall protection belts.
  • Fire Blanket,
  • Emergency Safety Showers
  • Industrial Signage
  • Emergency Lights
  • Body Protection Suit
  • Fall Safety Net
  • Emergency Eye washer


Last verdict!

If you suspect, that a product is dangerous to use, or seems to be a fake copy of a known brand. Contact your local Safety standard office. It is illegal to manufacture, sale or trade of such goods. IEC (International Electrochemical Commission) have provided Codes for Electric Safety Products covering all material specification & testing procedures. Consumer should ask for Codes, Test Reports, Warranty or Guarantee Certificates.


                                                                             “Remember Life is precious than most precious thing in Universe”

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Know How about Safety Mats

Posted 12/26/2013

Need of Safety Mat.

Electrical control panels are used to handle electronic devices by keeping  an eye on various display instruments. Technicians spend fair amount of time monitoring such panels.  Due to  power concentration at panels, there is always a chance for accidentally current leakage which could be dangerous for workers. Insulating matting prevents the technician from current being grounded thereby preventing them from electric shock.

Where these are placed.

  • Electrically insulated Rubber matting are laid down around,
  • Control Panels,
  • Switch-boards,
  • Bus Bars,
  • Switch gear,
  • Fuse Boxes,
  • Transformers &
  • Heavy Machines.

Which Product to Choose.

IS:15652-2006, IEC:61111 & ASTM D147 are National & International Standards prescribed for Safety matting. As per Bureau of Indian standards, these are  classified in three categories based on voltage rating, namely,

       Class              Working Voltage

        A                      up to 3.3KV

                                                                                                     B                      up to 11KV

                                                                                                     C                      up to 33KV

Material Spefication.

Mats are manufactured from Elastomer material which posses high Di-electric Properties. This includes Rubbers, Thermoplastic material & Synthetic Polymers. Material should be tested against following parameters:

  • Dielectric Strength
  • Oil, Solvent & Acid Resistance
  • Anti-Skid Properties
  • Flame Retardance
  • Ageing Factor.
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Physical inspection includes, Pinholes, crack, foreign matter, tearing strength.

 In what sizes they comes in.

Safety Mats are readily available in various length, breath, design and colour. Normally, the width is 1000mm, Thickness- 2mm, 2.5mm & 3mm & Length- In Rolls, 10m, 15m, 20m.

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Safety Accessories For Electric-Shock

Posted 12/26/2013

Working with Electrical equipments always have some risk involve. Technicians, Professional Engineers often works with live Electric Current which could be very dangerous in case of any leakage through ground.

For Example- Birds often seen sitting comfortably a High Tension Power-Line without any risk of shock. The reason behind is, no current flows thought the bird’s body as feet touches wire at one point & there is no close circuit formation.


PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) are therefore highly recommended for protection against Electrical Hazards. This includes items such as Safety Helmets, Rubber Gloves, Electro safe Footwear, eye goggles, Fire Resistant Clothing, Air-Purifying Respirators, Insulation Mats & other safety harnesses.


Non-conductive "Electrical Insulating Mats” provide safe environment for workers protecting them  from harmful electric shock by insulating flow path of current to ground which otherwise could be fatal. These Mats offers Di-electric strength up to 70KV.


Human hands is the  first  body part which come on contact with electrical apparatus. “Rubber Hand  Gloves”, are  very reliable & effective PPE. It can resist High Voltage up to 26KV AC. Manufactured from electrical grade Latex Rubber compound with suitable dielectric agents.

Electricians & Maintain Staff require to work at different locations which are often prone to electrical field, therefore they must wear Electrical grade “Safety Shoes” whenever they are on the job. The soles of Safety Shoes act as a  barrier protecting the wearer against build-up of current.

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