(With Latest Amendments)

Safety Insulation Mats as per IS:15652 Superseding IS:5424/69 was introduced in the the year 2007, with the view of technical advancement & more stringent Industrial safety parameters. Insulating mats safeguard life of Electricians & other Technicians, in case of any accidental current leakage while working on AC or DC installations. Synthetic Insulation mat confirms complete safety of workers handling Live electronic equipments.


Application:insulated matting

  • Near HT & LT Control Panels,
  • In Front of Switchboards,
  • Power Transmission Rooms, Sub Stations,
  • Around Buss-Bars.
  • Indoor or Outdoor portable protection element for site engineers working on live equipment.

Material Composition:

Made of Dielectric “Elastomer” which possess elastic properties and may be natural or synthetic in nature. Typically a combination of rubber & Synthetic Polymers.


Safety Mats for Electrical Applications are divided in to three main classes based on Voltage Ratings. Recommended division is as follows:




Working Voltage

Proof voltage

Break Down Voltage


2.0 mm



30 KV


2.5 mm



45 KV


3.0 mm



65 KV


  • Colour      : Most preferred colours are Black, Blue & Grey but other colours are also available on request. All offered colours are manufactured without metallic derivatives.
  • Surface     : Minute abrasions are provided on upper surface to mat to make surface Anti-skid.
  • Size          : As per standard width is normally 1meter & Length up to 10meter per Roll but other sizes are made available as per requirement of the purchaser.
  • Marking    : Every meter of mat should be marked with respective Class symbol, Lot No. or Batch number and Manufacturer’s Identity or Brand name.
  • Packing    : Packed in Gunny bags of Jute/Hessian cloth to avoid mechanical damage to the material in transit.

Working Temperature :

Under Normal conditions physical, mechanical & Electrical properties remain intact for temperate ranging from -10°C to +60°C. 


Workmanship & Finish:

Each Meter of Mat should be free from all type of harmful physical irregularities such as pinholes, cracks, blisters, cuts, conductive embedded foreign matter, creases, pinch marks, voids, entrapped air and prominent ripples.


Silent Features of Electrical Insulating Mat As Per IS:15652-2006 :-electrical rubber mat

  1. Withstands voltages up to 65kV ac and 240V dc.
  2. Every Meter of Mat Tested & Stamped to IS:15652-06 specification with ISI marking.
  3. Electrical Resistance up to 1494000 Mega Ohm.
  4. Fire Retardant, fire self-extinguish within 5 seconds of lighting.
  5. High Elongation & Tensile Strength. No tear or breakage due to Trolley movement & Foot Traffic.
  6. Resistant to Acids, Alkalis, Solvent and transformer Oil normally associated with Electronic Industry.
  7. Paste-able type can be easily pasted/Installed on floor, if required.
  8. Water & moisture proof.
  9. Approved with leading Electronic Instrument testing Institutions like ERDA, CPRI, BIS.

*NOTE:   Continuous abrasion of Electrical Rubber mats due to regular foot movement over it, results in distortion of physical, mechanical & electrical properties of mat. Therefore, a regular inspection is recommended for confirmation of appropriate working of mats. Any sign of deformation mean replacement of part or entire mat.